Moving as a Family – Moving Day

To be practical, you should pack some helpful items in your car.

  • Drinks and snacks in a cooler
  • A comfort item for the kids
  • Mealtime must-haves like paper towels, disposable plates, utensils
  • Bathroom basics including toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste
  • A change of clothes
  • Important documents such as medical records, passports, lease agreement and a safe if you use one
  • Handy extras like a flashlight, tool kit, scissors, pencils, trash bags

Say Goodbye to Your Home

Spend some time together and have each family member recall a favorite memory in the old house.  Remind the kids about the exciting and positive sides of the new home.  Make sure you let the kids take one last look around so they have some closure.

Once You Arrive At Your New Home

Your child is bound to be anxious the first few nights. Let your children map out their new room and unpack their box of special belongings as soon as they arrive.  This will make them feel more at home. While you unpack, point out what’s better about their new room.

Tour the Home Together

It will also make your children feel more comfortable if they know the lay of the land. Walk them to your bedroom and the bathroom and point out the light switches in case they get up at night.  Consider installing some night-lights throughout the home, at least temporarily.

Stick to Your Schedule

Even on that hectic first day, try to stick to their bedtime routines and schedules. They may need some reminding that this is their bedroom now and she needs to sleep there.

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