Moving as a Family

Children feel powerless when you tell them you’re moving. They usually don’t have any input in the decision so if at all possible, involve them in as many of the decisions as you can.

Finding Your New Home

Make a family wish list 

This will help you reach a consensus on some of the things you all want from your new home: a bigger backyard, a basement playroom, a swing set, or separate rooms for the kids. Make sure that you discuss as a family that not everyone will get all their wishes, but your new home will hopefully check most of the wishes off the list.

House-hunt together

If it is practical, take your children to see prospective houses with you (especially if it is a second showing and you’re seriously considering a particular property). If you’re searching online or on the app, bookmark your favorites so your kids can take a look.

Moving On

Enlist the kids’ help with packing 

Give them boxes to pack their own stuff.  Give your child their own packing box that they can decorate with stickers etc. and use for their favourite things. Any help is better than no help!

Tour your neighbourhood

Visit your favourite spots one last time before you move: eat at your favourite restaurant (or order that great take-out), play at the local park, and make sure the kids have lots of time to play with their friends.

Say goodbye

Make sure your children (and you!) are able to say goodbye to neighbours, babysitters, and especially friends.  Consider making a memory book with your child so they can fill it with photos of your home and their friends, along with their phone numbers and addresses so you can stay in touch.

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