Six Reasons to Sell in the Winter

  1. Many home sellers either hold off from selling or take a break from selling in the winter, especially during the holidays. Inevitably, the amount of listings on the market drop down, which means less competition for your home. With less competition, you could potentially sell your home faster, and for more money. Once the market comes back up in the spring, a lot of sellers will list their homes all at once for lower prices, which may drive the whole market down.
  2. Home buyers are generally the most motivated. Although there will be less buyers looking at homes this time of year, the buyers who do look are more serious about closing. “While the traffic is down, the buyers who are out there — when it’s soggy and dark at 4:45 p.m. — they’re not just poking around for the fun of it. “They want to buy a house.”
  3. Many people purposely choose to purchase a home before the new year to receive any potential tax incentives and possible write offs.
  4. Large companies normally transfer employees in January. Those relocating usually need to buy a house right away and simply cannot wait.
  5. While all the malls and retail stores may be packed, Lenders and Lawyers aren’t as busy and can process loans and closings faster.
  6. The Bruce Peninsula is so beautiful this time of the year and many people love to be here in winter. There are buyers looking for cottages in the winter. They want to buy now so they’re ready to enjoy their new oasis in the spring.

As always, remember that realtors are here to help and can make the selling process as painless as possible.  If you have any questions, need advice or referrals please let us know.

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