Do Houses Need A Bath Tub Anymore?

Tricky Trends 

The trend in new houses seems clear, luxurious showers are becoming more popular. In new-build homes, we are seeing the idea of the traditional tub being replaced with step-in showers featuring beautiful tile work, multiple shower heads, and intricate mixes of textures and finishes in glass, tile, metal and stone.

Think Twice 

That being said, many real estate professionals, our team included, would caution someone from building or renovating a home with a plan to not have a tub at all.  This sometimes comes up when we are completing our Comparative Market Analysis for our clients.  Adding or replacing a tub that has removed from secondary bathrooms will increase the appeal of their home to families who are looking to buy. While a shower is the go-to for most people, many families generally prefer to bathe small children in a tub.

Bottom Line 

Even if a tub isn’t part of your family’s day-to-day life, an above grade tub is something we would highly suggest if you are considering selling in the near future. It’s hard to put a concrete number on the financial incentive of having a bath vs. a shower in your home, but realistically it increases the market of people who will be interested in your home, which will generally make it sell faster and/or for more money!

As always, remember that realtors are here to help, if you have any questions, need advice or referrals please let me know.

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