Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Before listing your property, go through every room.  Pack up boxes of knick knacks, sentimental items,  kid stuff, and other things a family accumulates.  Maybe consider taking several pictures off the wall.  I love photos, but buyers need to be able to imagine their own things in your home.  You may need to rent a storage unit and put all those items away while the house was on the market or you can store them neatly in plastic containers in your storage area.

Consider your curb appeal. 
You may need to do a lot of work in the yard, maybe laying sod, and adding some new plants in the front and backyard.  Plants can be cheap, and they make a big difference.  Stay on top of the weeds and mow your lawn weekly.

Deep clean your house. 
It’s a lot easier to keep a clean house clean.  This may be a good time to use a housecleaner if you don’t currently.  After the house is on the market, you can do a quick, light cleaning in all the spots that get the most use…bathrooms, kitchen, and family room.

When Your House is Getting Shown…

Prepare a get-away plan.
Ideally, this includes getting the pets out of your home too.  Pack up a basket filled with things to keep the kids busy and some snacks, and have a few places in mind that you can visit when you need to get out.

Before you leave, turn on all the lights. 
Be aware of the scent of your home.  I wouldn’t recommend spraying air freshener just before you leave before a showing (clients might assume you’re hiding something) but you may want to use some permanent air fresheners or plan to bake some cookies before your showing, just remember to turn off your stove!

As always, remember that realtors are here to help, if you have any questions, need advice or referrals please let me know.

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