Ideas for a Successful Staycation

To ensure a fun and relaxing Staycation try the following things:

  1. Turn on your answering machine and leave emails and the mail just like you would if you were actually away at a destination resort.
  2. Take lots of pictures of you and your family having a wonderful time!
  3. Become a tourist in Bruce County! How lucky are we to live here? Go check it out!
  4. Try a new recreational activity like hiking, kayaking or canoeing.
  5. Take a class to learn a new hobby or skill. You could take a gourmet cooking class, a woodworking course, or even consider taking course online from a university anywhere.
  6. Go to the lake. Seriously, go now!
  7. Visit one of our local libraries and find a bunch of books or magazines that you would really enjoy to read. They are excellent places to cool down too!
  8. Use reward points to fund adventures. Trade in points for gift cards, free admission to local attractions or movie passes and enjoy your Staycation for free!

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